Rotator Info Wanted

Charlie Ocker Ocker at
Thu May 28 11:59:50 EDT 1992

It's time to replace a very tired 20+ year old HAM-M.  I've been
considering a T2X TailTwister and the Create Design RC5A-2 or -3.  From
the sales brouchure and flyer that I have, it looks very promising.

The following is taken from a sales brouchure:

				T2X	RC5A-2

	Rotator Torque:		 83	 116	ft-lbs
	Brake Torque:		750	1085	ft-lbs
	Wind Load:		 20	  22	sq ft
	Vertical Load:		800	 880	lbs
	Preset:			 no	 option
	Variable Speed:		 no	 yes
	Average Price:		$420	$424

The RC5A-2 has a 360 degree circular pointer, like a compass.  The T2X
does not.

The RC5A-2 has no brake control.  Braking is performed via gear train.

The RC5A-2 uses watertight electrical connectors.  It needs a 7 wire
control cable.  The T2X uses a terminal strip.

In addition, the RC5A-2 has a built in Reverse Delay Control.  It is a
control circuit that operates only when quick reversing is performed
while the antenna is rotation, and provides a delay of 2 to 4 seconds
before reversing starts.  It does not function during rotation
operations of 2 to 3 seconds or less.

The RC5A-3 is simply the RC5A-2 with the preset mod installed.  I don't
have any price on it.

The only drawback that I see is the rotator plate hole pattern.  My
rotator plate is drilled for the HAM-n / T2X rotators.

Does anyone have any experience with the Create Design rotators?  Any
comments or suggestions?  The rotator will be turning a 402BA mounted
10' above a TH6 on a 70' tower.

Tnx es 73,

Charlie KD5PJ				Ocker at
Texas Instruments, Dallas

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