DX Engineering monobanders

Jay Kesterson X4027 jayk at hpxxx.fc.hp.com
Thu May 28 15:58:45 EDT 1992

   Didn't see any responses on the DX Engineering yagis so will throw out
what I know.  The only one I have seen is the 8 element 10 meter monobander.
It has a 48 ft. boom made of 2" x .125" wall with a double overhead truss
of Phillystrand.  The elements start with .625" OD tubing and telescope down
to .500".  They use a element clamp similar to the KLM, Lexan with some
filler material that is suppose to make it a bit stronger.  They use hose
clamps to hold the element clamps to the boom (just like KLM?).  They preform
the hose clamps to the element clamps.  On the antenna I saw the hose clamps
weren't preformed quite in the right places, it made it very hard to get the
element clamps tight on the boom.  DXE was informed of this small problem.
The antenna does seem to be very well constructed.

   John W0UN has run several of the DXE designs on the latest version of
YO.  The designs seem to be VERY near optimum according to the computer

73,  Jay  K0GU    jayk at hpxxx.fc.hp.com

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