N2RM v's W3LPL

burns burns
Mon Nov 9 08:47:27 EST 1992

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ref Eric's question on the difference in rates between the two stations. 
My answer is quite simple:

N2RM usually sounds louder!

This may be rather subjective but my experience is that whilst LPL always 
has a strong signal, the station has never sounded that loud from here in 

When I was in the US between 87 and 89, I got brainwashed into believing 
LPL was THE superstation. On returning to Scotland I have been surprised 
that the signals were never as loud as some of the other East Coast 
Stations. I usually work most of the big stations 5 times per dx test 
(usually them calling me) so you do get some sort of feel for the big 

I would put it down to lack of punch and possibly Dave KM3T has got it 
right in saying it may be down to the microphones - or how you shout into 
them. LPL has always sounded a bit thin. Try a Heil mic as Dave suggests 
(or if you are using one already - buy a new element!)

Eric, if you want to do some comparisons with N2RM, let me know and I'll 
get on one weekend. 



Burns_al at GRRD04.DNET.BP.COM

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