QRP S-W-E-E-P-stakes

tekbspa!tavan at uunet.UU.NET tekbspa!tavan at uunet.UU.NET
Tue Nov 10 10:42:03 EST 1992

repl: bad addresses:
	derek. at TGV.COM, craigr at cod.nosc.mil -- no sub-domain in
domain-part of address (@)

Jim, you probably should have named the lid who
refused to work Q stations.  Your fine score is
evidence of the viability of low power.  It won't
win the contest but it is a very respectable effort
and a better source of pride than a lot of 100K 
high power scores.  Congrats on the QRP sweep.
By the way, I just played around for a few hours,
working a few dozen Q stations and a bunch of As
and Bs.  With one exception, all the Qs were 
readable and only a few required repeats.
In fact, the most notable thing about this contest
in my mind was the large number of good signals 
from Q stations.

Keep up the good work and don't let the bastards
get you down.



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