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Alan Brubaker alan at
Wed Nov 11 08:19:52 EST 1992

Yeah...that was me, George. Thanks for the rundown on Gordon, N5AU's fine
collection of aluminum. One thing that you did not mention is how many
towers all of that stuff is attached to. When I visited N5AU 11 years ago
I think that there were 21 towers at that time. I suspect that there are
more than that now. Is Gordon in the Guiness Book of World Records yet?
Seems to me that there is no other amateur radio station on our planet
that even comes close to Gordon's. Even AA6TT is not there - yet. It would
also be interesting to know how much real estate Gordon has devoted to his
antenna farm.

It seems to me that the two relatively "new" players in the antenna market, 
M2 (M squared), and DX Engineering both have high performance full sized 40 
meter beams. I do not know anything about them, however. I think that AA6TT
may have a full sized 40 meter stack on the air. Ken, N6RO has a 40 meter
stack going now (4x4 KLMs, ruggedized). He seems to do quite well and the
modified KLMs hold up well, apparently. So many choices - bring lots of $$$$.

Alan, K6XO(/7)

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