Dayton Contest Dinner (from K3LR as of 4/1/93)

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Thu Apr 1 13:19:54 EST 1993

Attached still applies .. don't miss out. There are going to be some 
great surprises!!

73 John, K1AR

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Subject: Dayton Contest Dinner

There are still seats available for the Staurday Night (April 24, 1993)
Dayton Contest Dinner.  The dinner is open to all amateur radio
contest operators who will be visiting Dayton, Ohio during the last
weekend of April.  
You can reserve your place by sending $26.00 to NCC  P.O. Box 59
New Bedford, PA 16140.  Make your checks out to North Coast Contesters
"Dayton Dinner".  Include a SASE for your return meal and prize ticket.
So far contest operators world wide have signed up to be there, so don't
be left out.  The dinner starts at 6:30 Saturday at the Stouffer Hotel in
downtown Dayton.  Seating is limited to 300. 
Please pass the word via club newsletters to get the word out!
Prizes from Kenwood, LTA, K1EA software, ARRL, CQ and others.
Tim Duffy K3LR

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