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Thu Apr 1 12:26:14 EST 1993

score collection
a while back Trey asked me if i would collect all the scres for the
contests - and then post them to CQ-CONTEST.  i said that i would.
SO if you have any scores after a contest send them to me.  i will put
out a posting of the scores collected a few times or when major changes in
the list occur.   I only have a few scores form the WPX ssb contest so far.
i was not able to make it to 3830 after the contest to collect scores and
i am assuming that k1dg didnt either.  I think that doug and i have collected
and posted most of the scores after each contest (from 3830) and this may
account for the lack of scores being seen on CQ-CONTEST. 
i will put togather my list of WPX scores tonight -- so send them to me.
i have been quiet about my WPX effort because i am trying to put 
the bad times behind me! :-)  
send your scores from any contest to::   george554 at  
by sending your scores to me and then posting them in mass we will lessen
the number of messages that are sent out on CQ-CONTEST that just have
a score in them.  
george fremin
sometimes known as - n5au,wb5nxh,ab5kd and once as 6d2x
austin texas    ph.512-416-0140 (you can leave scores here also)

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