Telephone Poles

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Fri Apr 2 08:45:23 EST 1993

From: Balmforth, Kevin D
Date: Fri, Apr 2, 1993 8:44 AM
Subject: Re: Telephone Poles
I used an 80' telephone pole in the mid 70's to support a TH6DXX.  I used 1 
1/4" angle iron and some 1/4" steel plate to fashion a support for the rotor 
(a coal stoker transmission driven by a sewing machine motor, but that is 
another story...) and a thrust bearing made of a 2 1/2" pipe T-fitting 
attached to a horizontal pipe through the top of the pole.  I got the idea 
from old Telrex ads in QST; I believe they used to market a pole mounted 
rotor.  It worked great, until I came home from college one year and found my 
Mom had it cut down and turned into a planter...

73, Kevin NC6U

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