QRP mailing list

Bruce Walker bruce at Think.COM
Wed Apr 7 11:31:45 EDT 1993

The following is from an announcement of a new Internet QRP mailing list
which might interest some of you.

The QRP mailing list is open to all topics relating to low-power amateur
radio operation.  Example topics: portable operation, equipment design and
construction, solar and battery power, QRPp, contesting, ....

The mailing list address is QRP at Think.COM; mail to that address will be
sent to everyone on the list without human intervention.  There is also an
administrative address QRP-Request at Think.COM which will be monitored by the
list maintainer(s); please use that for such requests as adding or removing
yourself from the list, questions about the FTP access, etc.

There is also an anonymous FTP repository on host Think.COM in directory
pub/radio/ham/qrp.  This directory will hold things relating to this group,
including the archives of the mailing list and whatever relevant
contributions y'all come up with.  If you want to upload something, mail it
to QRP-Request, or if it's really big, ask QRP-Request what to do.  This
host does not run netlib or any of the other repository servers which
operate by mail, so if you don't have direct Internet access or access to
such a server which handles remote requests, you're out of luck (unless you
ask QRP-Request nicely).

There is not yet a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and answers for
this list, since it is very new.  If it becomes apparent we need a FAQ,
we'll talk about it over the list itself.

This list was started by Chuck Adams (adams at chuck.dallas.sgi.com) by an
announcement on the rec.radio.amateur.misc USENET group.  I agreed to help
out by maintaining the list and an FTP area.  Chuck is still the keeper of
the non-electronic archives, including copies of some schematics, etc.
Contact him directly or watch this list for more info.

--Bruce Walker WT1M

P.S. -- I'll soon be going out of town on business until the end of the
week, so don't worry if QRP-Request isn't responded to in a timely way this

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