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Wed Apr 7 11:41:00 EDT 1993

It's getting way too complicated. Here's another angle to complicate it more..

Most proponents of part-time contesting can't/won't operate "the full 48".

How about the ultimate in time-reduction with rankable achievement? Try this..

Instead of a timed race to see how far you can go, let's try a race to see how
quickly you can achieve a certain score level - say, 500 Qs or 1000 Qs. Or
some score target (since there's not much of an excuse for NOT using real-time
logging and knowing your exact score...). Rubber-clocking can be prevented by
the usual minimum N-hour off times or maximum number of off-times. And since
there is sometimes a difference between claimed and final scores, the final
score must be within, say, 2% of the claimed score (so most contestants would
probably "gross-up" the score by 2% or so).

This solves some of the problems - as you get better, your times improve, and
you don't have to operate as long. A couple of score levels can be established
so that guys who are having fun at the 500 Qmark and want to keep going can
try for the fastest time to 1000 Qs, etc.

Doug  K1DG

"Two things are important in contesting - rate and rate."

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