Rotator Control Boxes

D. Leeson 0005543629 at
Wed Apr 7 18:20:00 EDT 1993

I'd like to adapt either the Create or Yaesu preset control boxes to
my menagerie of any of you have opinions, manuals you'd 
be willing to share by fax or mail, or even a spare or dead control
box you'd be interested in selling...I don't need the internal
transformer since I put a dedicated transformer at each tower (too
far from shack)...I'm curious if either type of rotator uses a
direction potentiometer in the rotator (can't think of any other way,
but don't have experience
directly with either of these brands...Any info appreciated to
dleeson at or, if you have MCI Mail, directly to my MCI Mail
address...Thanks for reading...Dave, W6QHS...also would like to know
source to buy these control boxes separately from commercial sources,
if known...thanks again.

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