open radio architecture

John Montague montaguj at CCMSMTP.STPAUL.NCR.COM
Wed Apr 7 18:43:58 EDT 1993

>   Did anyone else read the closing editorial in the most recent issue of
>Communications Quarterly?  It advocated a project which has interested me
>for a couple of years.
>   The project is to create an "open radio architecture" (ORA).  "Open"
>means something like the IBM-compatible PC market:  A radio building block
>architecture with standardized interconnects between the building blocks,

How can anyone use "architecture" and "IBM-compatable PC" in the same 
paragraph without getting violently ill?  Kidding aside, don't use the 
IBM-compatable PC as an example of something that has an architecture, 
much less one to be emulated.  We DO need an ORA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  A GOOD 

>   Anyone else interested in seeing this come to fruition?  Anyone know of
>some real work being done in this area?

Yes. No, but interested in any work that is being done.

I would like to see an environment where it can be profitable for 
software vendors to sell their product in a form that is easilly 
incorporated into a custom user interface.  For example, if the core of 
a product like the country identification algorithm in the 2ndOP (GRF 
Computing - John Fail KL7GRF/W6) were distributed in DLL form (or 
something similar, since DLLs are specific to MS Windows) then you could 
buy the 2ndOP, discard the user interface (2ndOP logging and reporting 
program) and use the now legitimately licensed DLL with your own user 
interface (say a logging program with features not in the 2ndOP, like 
accomodation of VHF/UHF bands).  Similarly, radio interface routines, 
TNC interface routines, etc., from a variety of commercial and free 
sources could be integrated into a system.

I'm VERY interested in helping make an ORA come to fruition.


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