Am I missing something?

John Montague montaguj at CCMSMTP.STPAUL.NCR.COM
Wed Apr 7 19:17:38 EDT 1993

>>That is to ensure that all competitive catagories have the same  
>>opportunities and chalenges associated with propagation variation  
>>throughout the day.  
>Also in Erics' (K3NA) post he gave the impression that it was important 
>that the 24-hr entrants got a taste of all 24 hours of the day.  
>As long as everyone in the category plays by the same rules, why do we 
>care what tribulation or challenges face those in other categories?
>Is there a "real" issue I am missing here?  
>He who figures out how to get the most points, wins.  He who figures 
>out the best hours gets the most points.  What is the advantage (to 
>whom) of "force feeding" the specific clock hours?  
>Mayhaps I be dense, but really guys, I don't get the point....  QRZ??
>de Hans K0HB

Contests, like all Amateur Radio activities, should first of all be 
personally rewarding, i.e., fun.  Second, they should do something to 
satisfy the only root rationale for allocating radio spectrum, a scarce 
and valuable resource, to Amateur Radio: develop a national resource in 
the form of trained radio operators and/or persons skilled in the 
technical and practical aspects of the radio art.

One would hope that the first criteria is well served.  However, many of 
the comments about a "24 Hour Catagory" demonstrate, rather conclusivly 
I might add, that more fun would be had by many if one of the 24 hour 
proposals were adopted.

It is the second criteria that drives me to propose, to use your words, 
"force feeding the specific clock hours."  Why?

    Operator training:  
        Communication in the presence of congestion (QRM)
        Technique (timing, multi-op operations, ...)
    Technical and practical aspects of the radio art:
        Propagation as a function of time-of-day and wavelength
        Station design & location for a BIG signal
        Use of receiver features to enhance reception (may belong above)
    and others
At least the first item under each heading develops "skills in the radio 
art."  Also, it provides a scored playing ground for those aspiring to 
be serious competitors in the full 48 hour contest, something the random 
any 24 of 48 hour format does not achieve as well.

For the casual participant, the catagory is not important (other than 
perhaps QRP) as they are not competitive participants.  If we are to 
have a new scored catagory, e.g., 24 hour, lets keep the rules simple 
and preserve as much as possible of the full 48 hour contest.

These are the points I believe were missed.  What say you, Eric?


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