Am I missing something?

Hans Brakob 71111.260 at CompuServe.COM
Wed Apr 7 14:39:22 EDT 1993

A contiguous by any other name . . . . . .

Quoting from W0RUE  -

>That is to ensure that all competitive catagories have the same  
>opportunities and chalenges associated with propagation variation  
>throughout the day.  

Also in Erics' (K3NA) post he gave the impression that it was important 
that the 24-hr entrants got a taste of all 24 hours of the day.  

As long as everyone in the category plays by the same rules, why do we 
care what tribulation or challenges face those in other categories?

Is there a "real" issue I am missing here?  

He who figures out how to get the most points, wins.  He who figures 
out the best hours gets the most points.  What is the advantage (to 
whom) of "force feeding" the specific clock hours?  

Mayhaps I be dense, but really guys, I don't get the point....  QRZ??

de Hans K0HB

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