Derek Wills oo7 at
Wed Apr 7 15:16:46 EDT 1993

Wow!  My Clean Sweep mug came today.   It cost me $7 (8?) but 167 
people got QSOs who wouldn't have done otherwise - the silly mug 
was the only thing that made me do any SS at all this year.   They 
won't list me in QST, and I already own several coffee mugs.  But 
it worked, it produced some activity that would not have taken place 
otherwise.  And it helps the economy, too - UPS made a few cents in 
transporting it, ARRL may make a few cents, even the BY's who made 
it might make a cent or two.

I wouldn't have done SS had there been an N-hour category.  But now I 
can frame this - er, hang it on the wall, whatever.  If there were more 
gullible idiots like me out there your problem would be solved.   Work 
N zones in CQWW and get a free tube of toothpaste that has "CQ CQ CQ" 
embedded in it, work 200 people in the Sprint and get a pair of decorated 
running shoes.   Work 300 JAs in the JARL contest and get a packet of
alphabet soup noodles - the possibilities are endless.


Derek Wills (AA5BT, G3NMX)
Department of Astronomy, University of Texas, 
Austin TX 78712.  (512-471-1392)
oo7 at 

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