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Wed Apr 14 09:08:44 EDT 1993

The April, 1993 issue of the FRC newsletter has an excellent article written
by W3XU on phone contest operating techniques.  I strongly recommend
getting a copy (anyone have an electronic version they can post to cq-contest ?).

There are a few interesting suggestions made by Bill that I am not in total
 agreement with.

W3XU says:

Cut the extraneous chatter.  Responding to an answer to your CQ:

DX:  W3XU this is Delta Juliet Nine Fox Oscar XRay.

YOU:  Delta Juliet Nine Fox Oscar XRay, You're 5 by 9 in Deleware. Over, Over. 

Inproved version:

YOU: DJ9FOX59Deleware


N2IC comment:  The only difficulty I have with the improved version is when
running JA's.  All too often the exchange goes like this:

DX: N2IC potabal Zewo this is Juwiet Alpha Nine Fox Osca XLay

YOU:  JA9FOX 59 Colorado

DX:  (Dead Silence)

YOU: Juliet Alpha Nine Fox Oscar XRay 59 Colorado

DX: Roger, you're 59 500

In my experiences, many JA's just don't know English well enough to
recognize their calls, unless they are repeated back exactly as they
sent them.  Anyone else have this problem ?  It does not seem to happen
as often when running EU.

W3XU says:

Confirming his information and seeking new callers:


Inproved version:

YOU: Thanks, QRZed W3 Xray United

N2IC comment:  I'm less than overjoyed about using Q signals on phone.

I recommend:
YOU: Thanks N2 India Charlie contest

Alternate views ?

W3XU says:

(When using CT), it is very useful to keep the screen on Shift F8 while you
are running.  My experience is that 80+ % of the callsigns you work will be
in the database.  If you work someone who isn't there, your eyebrows should
show a discernable elevation, and the callsign bears a second thought. 

N2IC comment:  The version of MASTER.DTA I have is sorely lacking in
JA callsigns.  I would say no more than 30 % are in the database.  I would
really love to combine the K1EA "standard" MASTER.DTA with my own list of
callsigns and have a "custom" version of MASTER.DTA.  (Admittedly, I haven't
checked the CT BBS to see if Ken has a utility for doing this already).

Final comment:  I don't mean to be critical of W3XU.  His article is probably
the best phone operating techniques writeup I have ever seen.  

Steve, N2IC/0

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