Phone phontics

Atsushi Taketani D0 at FERMILAB Ext 2405 TAKETANI at FNAL.FNAL.GOV
Wed Apr 14 15:33:19 EDT 1993

I agreed WB2EEK. I know some of the JA's using different and strange phonetics.
When I was on ALL JA contest which same scale domestic contest  as US SS, I 
listend many strange phontics. Think that, someguy who usually on 2m FM, 
and find DX coming with strong signal in one of the contest weekend. He tries
to use his standard phonetics, not contester's standard. I tried to use thier
standard to keep high QSO rate.

   For example     R  Ra-Ji-O    ( normal Japaneses use this word as Radio )
                   S  San-Cha-go  ( this could be came from San-Ti-ago? )
                   X  X'tal   ( Crystal? )

If you have a chance to listen 2m SSB band at Tokyo, you will discover much 
more strange phonetics.

	Atsushi, N9KAU/JF3NRI

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