Phone Procedures

Jay Kesterson K0GU x6826 jayk at
Wed Apr 14 15:58:51 EDT 1993

>As far as using "QRZ" on phone, I'm amazed at the number of casual DX
>stations that won't come back to you unless you use QRZ or, worse, call CQ
>again.  They just won't come back to to "Thanks.  W1GD, contest."

If your working a pileup, in marginal conditions, ending the QSO with 
'thanks QRZed V3CH' will often result in the the pileup not knowing
your call. If they don't hear you Q5 or are a bit anxious to work you
they will start calling as soon as they hear QRZed. If using QRZed I
try to always say it last 'thanks V3CH QRZed'. This happens much more
often when your DX working lots of big pileups, of course. Its kind of
like the effect I sometimes get when CQing with a DVP 'CQ CONTEST 
K0GU K0GU'.I unkey and hear the last part of the call of a station
calling me because he has responded after the first K0GU.

73, Jay K0GU                 jayk at

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