W3XU's operating manual

Bruce L. Draper draperbl at mdlchtm.eece.unm.edu
Wed Apr 14 16:48:37 EDT 1993

In all of the mail about W3XU's operating manual,
I haven't seen any comments on his recommendation
for the full-time use of shift-F8.  I must be in the
minority on this, but I expected at least a few squawks.

I've seen people who have left CT's super-F8 window
on the screen during runs, but I can't understand
the practice.  The flickering information is distracting
(to me, at least) and is fairly redundant . . . after all,
isn't copying call signs accurately during a run one
of the basic skills learned by a budding contester?  
Why not employ that area of the screen for something
useful -- leave the F10 window there and move
needed mults!  Punch up F8 only on the occasions
when it's necessary (ESP mode?).

                    Bruce,   AA5B 

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