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Thu Apr 15 12:51:41 EDT 1993

It is my understanding that WR3G (Scott) is the guy that puts together
the MASTER.DTA file for all of us (Free).  Thanks Scotty!  The file is
only as good as the logs he receives to update the list.  Send him you
-your- most recent log files and I'm sure the list will improve.  For
this past years ARRL contest I would guess 85% of the stations calling
me were in the database.  I left the super check partial window up on 
my running computer the entire contest.  If the guy wasn't on the screen,
I would often times ask him again if I had the call correct.  50% of the
time I didn't have the call correct even after he had not corrected my 
first response!  I believe the Super Check Partial is a wonderfull 
feature to CT and I know it helps keep my unique rate lower than it 
would be without it.

By the way... The MASTER.DTA file is on the K1EA BBS.  When you check
in just tell the BBS you want to download a file.  When it asks you for
the file name tell it MASTER.EXE or MASTER.ZIP (I forget which).  By
the way, it you won't see this file by listing the files but you can 
download it.  

Maybe K3LR will shed some more light on this whole MASTER.DTA thing.


Bill, KM9P

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