D. Leeson 0005543629 at
Thu Apr 15 18:30:00 EDT 1993

Useful repeaters:  146.34/.94 Fresno, 147.24/.84 and 147.36/.96 local
in Visalia...most folks go to simplex to ragchew with others near them
on the road.

Contester events:  In addition to the regular schedule of panels, etc., 
many folks arrange for dinner Fri. evening by meeting at the opening
cocktail bash...I believe there will be at least one hospitality suite
later in the evening

Sunday morning:  Last year there was an interesting breakfast with
summaries/slides etc. of quite a few dxpeditions, informal with lots
of time for questions...don't know what exactly is scheduled this year.

Hope this answers some of the net questions...CU thr, Dave W6QHS

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