Visalia report

Trey Garlough GARLOUGH at TGV.COM
Mon Apr 19 14:12:23 EDT 1993

I drove down to the DX gathering in Visalia this weekend and it was 
worth the trip.  Lotsa interesting folks to talk to and a few 
interesting presentations.  I didn't go to the DX Forum except for 
the part where W6QHS talked about the future of DXing and that was
interesting.  The Contest Forum was brilliant again this year, with 
N6TV moderating a "McLaughlin Group" format panel discussion featuring 
K7SS, N6AA, K3ZO and N6TJ.  The banter between N6AA and N6TJ was quite 
amusing, as always.

Sunday morning's brunch buffet deal featured a brilliant gag dreamed
up by some of the NCDXF folks at the expense of W6RJ, who was a very
sporting victim.  Following was the "what the SCCC boys did this
year" featuring slides of ZD8Z, D44BC, A61AC, HC8A/HC8N, EA9LZ and
CE0Y, which was interesting (IMHO) as always.

K8CC and W8UA came from Michigan to San Diego in advance, visited a 
zillion people, rode up to Visalia with some friends, then drove up 
to the Bay Area afterwards and will no doubt visit a zillion people.  
I think they are having a good time.  This is the hip way to do things 
if you are visiting from out of state.

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