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Tue Apr 20 15:40:37 EDT 1993

I received a letter from REI yesterday, detailing a serious accident
using one of their climbing harnesses.  I thought I would append this
to the forum, for those tower-climbers among us that use them.

My seat harness has 2 loops, one that comes up from each side of
the harness.  These loops are designed to work together, that is you
should loop a carabiner through BOTH of them, and then route your
tower attachment (rope, webbing, etc) from that carabiner.  In the
letter, REI stated that a climber had secured himself using only
ONE loop, and that loop tore away from the harness during a fall.
The design of the harness is such that a single loop just
won't hold, and will rip out during a fall.  I had been using my
harness in this fashion.  I suddenly got very cold thinking about
how little protection I had been wearing.  I use a chest harness
also, but my PRIMARY harness would have failed if I had ever fell.

To atone for my sins, I redid my seat harness, using a locking
carabiner to secure both sides of the harness loops, and a Mammut
shock absorber (which then clips to the tower).  I am now secured
to the tower in two places: from the chest harness, and from the
seat harness.  Before it was in three places: from the chest harness,
and from each loop of the seat harness.  I feel more secure now,
especially with the Mammut's to take up the shock load of a fall.
Please don't use my advice verbatim, this was just my suggestion.

I encourage you to contact REI if you have such a harness, or you
haven't received a letter from them.  I just wanted to relay this
concern to those with this style seat harness.  Be careful.

tyler N4TY

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