KT-34 refurb

n2ic at bighorn.dr.att.com n2ic at bighorn.dr.att.com
Tue Apr 20 14:16:56 EDT 1993

I have owned a KT-34XA for 9 years, and have come to the conclusion that
it is NOT a low-maintenance antenna.  I have to take it down for repairs
either every summer, or every other summer (if I'm lucky).

I have intentionally made all my repairs during late summer, and only
once had to repair the antenna during the contest season.

The way I have solved the loose clamp problem (even with the nut
fully tightened) is to slightly crimp the clamp, before placing it
back over the element.  It will no longer be exactly circular in shape,
but it will clamp tightly to the element.  I have never had a recurrence
of this problem after deforming the clamp.  I'm sure there are better
ways, however.

I strongly recommend replacing all of the capacitor caps with the latest
vintage (last summer they were blue) and using dimensions that go with that
set of caps.  Go out of your way to make sure the caps are completely
seated on their tubes.

Double-nut EVERYTHING on the KT-34 with stainless steel nuts.  Cheap, easy

The XA is a great performing antenna.  It's longer boom length makes it
clearly superior to a TH7.  If you can handle a 32 foot boom, consider
converting your KT-34A into a KT-34XA.

I doubt that a KT-34 could survive very long at W6QHS, but I have had
pretty good luck in Boulder, CO, where we have several episodes each
winter of 90 MPH winds lasting about 12 hours.  Fortunately, the winds are 
accompanied by warm temps (around 50 deg) and no precipatation.

Steve, N2IC/0

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