Unclaimed contest awards -- please contact W0YK

Robert A. Wilson n6tv at vnet.IBM.COM
Wed Apr 21 01:52:40 EDT 1993

I am relaying this message for W0YK who is having a little trouble
getting messages through to the Internet.  Contact Ed directly
(Ed_Muns at hp0000.desk.hp.com) if you can help.  Ed is also looking
to swap a DX Dinner ticket for a Contest Dinner ticket, if you have


The NCCC still has some unclaimed awards for CQP (wine, plagues, certificates)
which I would be happy to lug to Dayton if someone out there will lug them away!
I will accept "luggers" who are the award recipient themselves or a designated
delegatee.  Please check this list carefully and let me know by Wednesday night
if you will be at Dayton or if someone else can pick your goodies up for you.
If you are not on the *list* but can get an award or two to a friend back home,
PLEASE let me know so I can pass as many of these off as possible.  The
incentive for helping with this is to minimize shipping costs so we can
continue providing lots of awards for our contests!  Thanks for your help.

73, Ed (W0YK)

Call           CQP Wine     CQP Plague     CQP Certificate       Other

N1CC              X                              X
KF2HM                                            X
WM2Y                                             X
NX3A              X                              X
W3HDH/0           X                              X
K3TW                                             X
OA4ANR                                           X
KC4FJT                                           X
VE4GV             X             2!               X
N4HID                           X                X
K4LTA/0           X                              X
KC4TEO            X                              X
K4TKM                                                          CQWW-750+
AA4UF             X                              X
KI5EL                                            X
AA5UO                                            X
KC6ACI                          X                X
WB6CJE            X                              X             KB-1000
KJ6DL             X                              X
KD6FW             X                              X
WC6H                                                           KB-2000
N6IFW                                            X
W6ISQ                                                          KB-1000
K6JKC                                            X
W6JTI             X                              X
K6KM                                                           KB-500
KB6LO/0           X                              X
K6MU              X
N6ND                                                           CQWW K6RU Award
KI6OS                                            X
W6PLJ                                            X
N6PN                                                           KB-500
N6PYI                                                          CQWW-750+
WB6RXF                                           X
NH6T              X                              X
K6XO/7            X                              X
K6XV                                                           KB-500
VE7NKI                                                         CQWW-750+
K7SV              X                              X
AA8AV                                            X
JH8CLU                          X                X
K8HVT/m                         X                X
N2AZS                                            X
KF8JA                                            X
N8KSO             X                              X
N8LXS             X             X                X
AJ9C              X             X                X
KE9I              X             X                X
N9JF              X                              X
KB0C                                             X
KC0GM             X                              X
AE0M                                                           KB-500
K0PP/7            X                              X
W0ZZ                                                           KB-500, CQWW-750+

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