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Wed Apr 21 08:40:55 EDT 1993

Rick, K7GM, says:

     2.  Although the Sprint has had the same format since inception, I
fail to see how it is any more or less boring than any other domestic

In its current format, I agree.  But, do we want the Sprint to be just
another boring, domestic contest ?

     3.  A 40/20/15 Sprint would seem to be more of an advantage to the
west coast.  I'm not sure you can establish a contest period which will be
equitable to both coasts.

How do we know until we try ?

     4.  At the risk of opening up a can of worms, think about a five-hour
Sprint.  One hour on each band (10-80), with gaps between.  So, maybe have
10 meters be in the 16Z period, 15 meters be in the 19Z period, 20 meters in
the 22Z period, 40 meters in the 00Z hour, and 80 meters in the 03Z hour.
Maybe entrants can be allowed all band or single band.

IMHO, Boring !  This reduces Sprint to a game of who's the loudest and
fastest.  Personally, my favorite contests involve band-changing strategies.
In addition, this format spreads the Sprint out over a 12 hour period.  The
24 hour gang (vs. the 48 hour gang) won't like the idea of lengthening
a contest.

Steve, N2IC/0

(Sorry for slandering your city, Tree)

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