K1DG's Moral Dilemma

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Wed Apr 21 09:40:48 EDT 1993

From: Balmforth, Kevin D
Date: Wed, Apr 21, 1993 8:30 AM
Subject: K1DG's Moral Dilemma
K1DG writes: 
>Some contest results recently came in the mail. One station (who shall 
>remain unidentified) won an award. His score qualified him for a >plaque and 
also a new record in his category. The problem is that he >was not *IN* that 

>I have second-hand knowledge from a very reliable source of clear >evidence 
tha t this station was not in the category he claimed, so let's >not get 
sidetracked by the "youcan't prove anything - it's only hearsay" >argument. 
Trust me that this guy really did break the rules.

>It bothers me a lot that he won a plaque and set a record. What should >be 

If this slimeball's weak moral values allowed him to cheat, he probably won't 
be affected by a case of the "guilts" later on.  (I can see it now - "Famous 
contester cracks and apologizes to Dayton contest forum;  promises to sell 
station and take up stamp collecting - film at 11")  On the other hand, public 
bashing without a trial seems a bit primitive.  I would opt for one-on-one 
confrontation with the threat to go to the contest spronsor with the proof if 
he doesn't come clean.  If that doesn't work, you could always sponsor a good 
ole' fashioned coax pinning party...

73, Kevin NC6U

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