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Wed Apr 21 11:01:00 EDT 1993

Here's a new potential flame war. Let's try to keep it civil, though.

Some contest results recently came in the mail. One station (who shall remain
unidentified) won an award. His score qualified him for a plaque and also a
new record in his category. The problem is that he was not *IN* that category.

I have second-hand knowledge from a very reliable source of clear evidence tha
t this station was not in the category he claimed, so let's not get
sidetracked by the "youcan't prove anything - it's only hearsay" argument.
Trust me that this guy really did break the rules.

It bothers me a lot that he won a plaque and set a record. What should be

Options I thought of...

1. Confront the offender and tell him to confess to the contest sponsor or
else I will.

2. Contact the sponsor and rat on the guy.

3. Publish the details of the cheating widely with callsign mentioned so that
everybody knows.

4. Do nothing.

I'm sure there are more options you guys will suggest.

I have no vested interest in the outcome - he didn't beat me, steal my old
record, or anything like that. But
we are supposed to be self-policing, and I don't know how to handle this

Been getting kind of boring on here lately anyhow...

Doug    K1DG

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