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Doug.Grant at Doug.Grant at
Wed Apr 21 18:23:00 EDT 1993

The responses (both on- and off-reflector) have been interesting. I'll try to
summarize at some point after Dayton (where, I'm sure, more gasoline will be
thrown on the fire...).


I'm not going to disclose the details of who, what contest, what the nature of
the cheating was, or any of that other stuff (at least not yet) to ANYONE.

I know that even some of my close friends have asked, but if I tell one
person, and he tells one, pretty soon the whole world will know, and that's
not the plan...yet. He knows who he is, and so do I. And that's enough for

Keep the responses coming. There have been some thoughtful and interesting
suggestions on how to deal with cheaters.


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