K1DG's moral dilemma

Skelton, Tom TSkelton at engineer.clemsonsc.NCR.COM
Wed Apr 21 17:43:00 EDT 1993

That is a shame, if all the info is true, that someone submitted
a plaque-winning score and cheated to do it.  I guess they either
ran QRO while claiming a low power level, or actually were in
the multi op category (or Single Assisted) but claimed Single

Regardless of the circumstances, I would not be comfortable
with "second hand information from a reliable source" unless
I could personally validate it.  Without this validation, there is
no way I would make the issue publice.  I would, however,
confront the contester via telephone or letter and make the
allegations known to him/her.  At least that way I could vent
my anger (if justified) while still giving the reported "cheater"
an opportunity for defending him/herself.

I am not so nieve to think that this is the first time it has happened
or the last.

73, Tom WB4IUX

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