Out of class operation

J.P. Kleinhaus 74660.2606 at CompuServe.COM
Wed Apr 21 20:30:42 EDT 1993

In response to Doug's comment on known cheaters, I also know of one specific amateur
who competes in the ARRL DX contest *single-op/single band* and can clearly be heard
in *every* packet multiplier pile-up as soon as it is posted.  This individual happens to
be the only one in our local club who enters in the unassisted category and therefore,
he wins a certificate from the ARRL every year for "number one scoring single op" in
the club.  I have thought about how to handle this for quite some time.  I have first hand
knowledge of his infractions and have even gone so far as to get a compiled log of
all the PacketCluster (tm) spots for the contest week-end.  My aim would be to confront
him with what I know, including statements from several other members of the club, and
see if he would come clean.  He has a shack full of this ill-gotten wall paper and I can
imagine that he thinks he *earned* it.
	The other possibilty would be to send the whole package up to the ARRL 
contest committee and let them cross-reference the packet data with his log.  This would
maybe achieve the same thing, but I would rather he submit himself to the humiliation
of turning himself in.  Any constructive responses would be greatly appreciated.

73 de J.P. AA2DU
74660.2606 at compuserve.com

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