May Sprint

Henry Ward Silver pilchuck!phred!hwardsil
Thu Apr 22 13:44:43 EDT 1993

de Ward, N0AX
I'd like to see a dual-mode sprint, say 3 hours of CW and SSB each, low-power only, with a break in between.  Have a morning session on the high-bands 20/15 only, and the evening session on the low bands 40/80.  If there was another mode or style of sprint we could have a tri-athelon format.  (Don't say RTTY, please, the implications are staggering...a RTTY sprint?)

Another interesting idea is two-man-team sprint-duration contests.  We need new twists to contest style to encourage strategy and nimble operating, as opposed to "I'm the biggest, loudest ... etc.".  Of course, this is a guy that can't afford an don't get offended.  I operated QRP in Sprint last Feb...but will never, EVER, do it again!!


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