Manufactured Contest QSOs

Tue Apr 27 16:47:51 EDT 1993

No cents(?)

        If you kept track of who did this to you over the years, you could
eventually send in your log before the contest starts. It would save everybody
a lot of work!

73, Dan KF4AV

2 Cents worth:

Hmmmmm, with all the discussion on "illegal" or "manufactured" QSOs, I have
to relate that I've experienced from a couple of "big guns" a  "Sri QSO
before" line.  One of them seems to do it every contest....  I use CT or NA
and have a tendency towards double checking, sooooo its not real likely
(yes, I had already checked for broken calls etc... ).  Kinda, makes you
wonder tho....  Maybe I should "report it" next time to the contest

I usually try to get it thru the guy's skull that he's not in my log and
(re)work him and chalk it up to a broken call, mistake etc, but if these
guys are out there, it makes contesting quite a bit less fun knowing that
these morons get away with it...

2 cents -  de George, W1XE

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