Manufactured QSOs

Larry Tyree tree at
Wed Apr 28 10:40:31 EDT 1993

The example Eric created is pretty close to what happened.  There is more 
data, but it is not necessary to understand the problem.  Perhaps another
way to look at it is an example WN4KKN shared with me.  He operates many
contests at W6QHS and sometimes is asked for a QSO with W6QHS in a farily
aggressive manner (ie: "Oh, are you are Dave's??  W6QHS 59").  

I think the best thing is to make it clear that this type of behavior is
not viewed as an acceptable practice among the contesting fraternity.  It
is something we all have probably done.  I can say that I have taken 
advantage of these types of QSOs when I could, and that I have given 
second QSOs to stations using another callsign (ie: the host's call when
I am guest oping and using my own call, or my call when using the host's

Hopefully we will all do a little soul searching and just say no to 
manufactured QSOs!!!

As far as dealing with this specific log, it is important for everyone to
realize I am not able to make any changes to this log.  As the N6TR Duping
Service, I really am not at liberty to pass judgement on any QSOs.  I have
duped a lot of really trashy logs, and a lot of good ones, over the years,
but I will not name names!!  It is up to the log checking people to find
these things.  They probably won't, because they aren't looking at every
entry in the log as I am.

BTW, I have a new E-Mail address. Finally an address without any bangs!!

I am now tree at  

Tree N6TR

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