Andy_Melanyin ua3dpx at mosbos.msk.su
Wed Apr 28 13:24:13 EDT 1993

From: ua3dpx at mosbos.msk.su
Subject: RE: K4PQL,AA5B,K7SS
Hi Al !!
I'm sorry for during that weekend there were 5 CW contests and not many
people worked in GC. Having done 72 qsos for 5 hours I gave up..
As far as the question to get the logs via E-Mail I'm sorry to say NO,
because we have to pay not only for sending E-Mail information but
for getting it too. That's the reason we are not the subscribers of cq-con-
test forum now. But the good news may be we'll try to subscribe again sinse
the second week of May. Thanks for the signal evaluation. I talked to Dima
UV3DCX. He is organizing the BBS. So may be sending logs via E-Mail would be
possible soon but not now. Welcome to participate in CQ-M contest. The info
about it I'll send one of these days.
73 !! Andy - UA3DPX

Hi Bruce !!
I'm sorry I'm giving answer to You via forrum, but the question may be inte-
resting for everybody. You asked how to get the permition to operate from BELA-
RUS - UC2. I don't know exactly because UC2 now is different country and have
it's own FCC. But I can give You an idea. In RUSSIA usualy we make the permi-
tion very simple: some friend from the other country sends us
- a coppy of his license (by fax) or just mail (depends upon the time)
- his application (that he would like to have the permition etc.)
We do the rest : go to the central radio club, write our aplication.
Then the person from the CRC goes to FCC, FCC goes to KGB, KGB gives the per-
mition, so You have a license. So, dear Bruce, if You want to have a license
try to ask someone on the radio from UC to help You. I'm sorry I can not help
You with it for I realy do not know any fax numbers or telephone numbers of
any UC2 guys. If You need the license from Russia - NO PROBLEM, I'm responsible
to do that.
73 !! Andy - UA3DPX

Hi Danny !!
I'm sorry Your question is the third, but it is realy very important, so I had
to think about it. Larry UA6HZ now is in Moscow, He is the president of the
Union of Russian Radio Amateurs (URRA). He gives You best regards and 73.
So as far as the 1994 WRTC. We just became URRA and now bussy with some orga-
nizing work. The official announsement about the URRA would be prepeared soon,
for the Govenment just recognized us. Now we use the base of central radio
club etc. But we are different of ex-RSF of CCCP (USSR) - hi.
There are lots of problems with almost everything. But in spite of that we are
olready thinking about WRTC 1994. And the WRTC will be in St.Peterburg. Now
we are looking for sponsorship. Can not tell You more now, but we shall be in
connection with You via the E-Mail. If You have any ideas or proposals we would
appritiate everything. Soon the URRA will have new adress, fax etc. But now
You can find me here, or by fax : (095) 274 0032, or on saturdays 14.060 at
4.30 UTC on skeds with Tree N6TR/7. We are on 2 meters with Larry UA6HZ.
73 !! see You later.
Andy V. Melanyin ( UA3DPX ).
I'll give You telephone numbers etc. later (if You need them).

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