Contest cheaters

Thu Apr 29 10:51:30 EDT 1993

When I was chairman of the CAC, one of our members took time on Sunday of
SS to listen around the bands to observe operating techniques.  He stumbled
upon a well-known East Coast contester who undisputably was transmitting
simultaneously on two bands.  The details of this incident (time, 
stations worked, frequency, etc.) was noted.  We discussed how to best
handle this and decided to send him a letter informing him of his
violation and strongly suggested that he NOT submit a log, in fairness
to all the other participants.  We received a response from him,
explaining how the complexity of his antenna switching arrangements
inadvertently caused him to be on two bands simultaneusly (hi!), but
nevertheless he did not submit his log that year.
Another incident was also involved another well-known East Coast contester.
An ARRL Division Director was notified by someone in his Division that 
he had received a phone call from this contest station during the contest, 
asking him to get on the air because he needed that multiplier for SS.
A similar letter was sent to this contester by the CAC.  No response was 
received and he submitted his log anyway.  This individual did not win a 
plaque that year (though he did win one the following year).
Good to see everyone at Dayton, had lots of fun in spite of the QRM.
Seems like the contest banquet was the start of a nice tradition
for years to come.
                                                -- Rich K1CC

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