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Thu Apr 29 09:08:02 EDT 1993

> On 27 Apr 93 12:25:11 EDT, "KEITH MOREHOUSE" <73307.3205 at CompuServe.COM> wrote:

> > 3) What is the general opinion of the "new" Phillystran attachment (U-bolts) 
> > over the "old" potted method.
> K1VR:  The u-bolt and saddle method is clearly superior.  But don't tighten 
> them too much.  The potting method was subject to bad mixing, to compound 
> getting old while on the shelf, and to leaking out the bottom of the potting 
> head.  The new clip method is field installable right then and there, also 
> permitting you to shorten a long length that you may have overestimated.

If by u-bolts and saddle you mean what i would call the standard cable clamp 
approach, I installed 300 feet of the "new" phillystran on my tower last fall, 
using just this method. They recommend a specific torque setting and will also 
tell you that the torque goes down under tension as the Phyllistran does 
stretch some. I found the latter to be true. I did some tests on the ground 
with tension pulled, measured the amount the torque setting decreased, then 
set at a higher torgue under no tension to compensate for the stretching and 
effect on torque setting. I experimentally verified that under tension the 
setting was about right.

I found it an easy thing to install. I've never used the potted ends style, 
but this certainly is more convenient. I'm also not concerned about the tower 
guy strength. It's good material, but it does dent the wallet.

I replaced the upper two sets of steel guys on my tower with Phyllistran when 
I installed my Mosley PRO67B last September/October.

Ron - W0OSK

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