80M Ant Help

Mon Aug 9 13:30:00 EDT 1993

Well, It's frustration time again. I just put up an 80 M 1/2 square that 
resulted in dismal preformance. First of all, maybe someone can tell me where I 
went wrong (if anywhere). The antenna is 67 feet on each vertical leg, and 134 
feet between leg. The antenna between my tower and a tree in the back yard, so 
one leg is about 5 feet away from the tower. The antenna is about 64 feet above 
ground (and if your math is as good as mine, yes there is about 3 feet of the 
vertical section laying on the ground). I cut the antenna for 3.75 Mhz, and that 
is where the lowest SWR is. Now the problem... the SWR won't go below 2.5:1, and 
is very narrow banded (a few Khz, at best). Even when I run it thru the tuner, 
the performance is no better than my G5RV.

As a side note, is anyone out there using a 80M antenna that they would 
recommend? I'm starting to get desperate! Thanks.... 
Kevin N1EPU

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