Randy A Thompson K5ZD at
Mon Aug 9 22:56:27 EDT 1993

Well, I wasn't going to put my score on here, but since I am ahead of
those seen so far - I can claim to be the leader in the club house.

K5ZD (first contest from new QTH in WMa)

160	21	14	(ant 5' off ground)
80	90	34
40	169	46	1/2-wave sloper
20	169	44
15	61	25
10	15	9
Tot	525	172	= 90,300 points

Contest could have used more activity.
I managed to work N5RZ and KR0Y on 10m.  Heard N6NF but he couldn't hear me.
Must have been lot of QRN south and west because no one could hear me
without lots of repeats on 80.  It was relatively quiet up here.
One of the loudest signals heard on 160 was GD4BEG calling CQ DX.
I think I am going to like W1 when we get to the real contests!

73 - Randy, K5ZD

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