August UHF Contest score - W2SZ/1

Tue Aug 10 16:59:52 EDT 1993

Here is yet another score for the August UHF Contest:

W2SZ/1 - FN32, Mount Greylock, MA  
Class - "multi multi"

Band	QSOs	Points 	Grids
222	 79	237	30
432	158	474	37
903	 45	270	20
1.2	 47	282	19
2.3	 30	360	17
3.4	 21	252	14
5.7	 15	180	10
10G	 11	132	 7
24G	  5	 60	 5

TOTAL	411	2247	159

RAW SCORE = 357,273 points.

Soapbox - Good contest, good WX. Some minor openings to west and south made
operating interesting. Had hoped opening would improve ..... no luck.

73, Doug Sharp WB2KMY/4

>From Eric Rosenberg <ericr at>  Tue Aug 10 15:17:13 1993
From: Eric Rosenberg <ericr at> (Eric Rosenberg)
Date: Tue, 10 Aug 1993 10:17:13 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Contest Software
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On Tue, 10 Aug 1993, M. Squicciarini wrote:

> 	I would like everyone's opinion on contest software.
> 	What are the major products (CT, NA, etc.)?
> 	Is there any software in shareware?
> 	What are the pros and cons of each?
> 	skitch at

I'm a *very* part-time contester (living in the middle of a large city and
having an 18-month old child does that!), so my criteria are a
little different than many/most of the people here on the reflector. 

I look for a program that doesn't necessarily have lots of bells &
whistles and has a slight learning curve, if any at all.  I don't care
about seeing spots from the cluster, and as a result, don't need to
control the rig.  Likewise, I don't have a DVP or any other trigerable
devices (external keyers), although I do like built-in keyers as part of
the software. 

I did struggle through CT and NA in earlier versions, and lots of other
general loggin programs.  I've stuck with Turbolog for general and
DXpedition logging (I travel a lot  overseas), and thought I'd never find
a contest logger that fit my KISS (keep it simple, stupid!) needs. 
Actually, there are two.  EI5DI'ssuper duper, which I looked at briefly,
and N6TR's Contest Logger, which I now use.

Tree's program is's very intuitive, doesn't clutter up the
screen and tax the capactities of the average computer, and doesn't bog me
down with functions I don't need/want/will never use.  

It also has a simulator, which I especially enjoy.  On my last trip, I
spent a month in a country where reciprocal licenses wre not allowed
(Indonesia), so I took N6TR's software loaded with a large database of
callsigns, and did a few contests without a raduo in my spare time!

On the whole, I don't think you can go wrong with Tree's program.


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