K2MM at MasPar.COM K2MM at MasPar.COM
Tue Aug 10 15:24:29 EDT 1993

I took Friday off from work to put my antennas back up -- a multi-band
dipole and an R-7 vertical.  (They had been down for two months to
accommodate my landlord's tree-pruning/felling work.)  It wasn't enough;
by midnight, all I had up was the dipole.  And I still had to repair two
of the R-7's traps.  Got it fixed but not up by contest time Saturday,
so I started with the dipole.  Figured the start was worth not missing
and the R-7 could go up during a break.

I had worked almost two hours when I got a report my TS-440 was FM'ing.
Received signals had been sounding slushy, so I hauled my half-broken
TS-180 in from the garage.  (It's been on the garage shelf for years.
I knew my neighbors' cats had been getting in there, but I never dreamed
they'd want to mark my radio as part of their territory!)  But the '180
only put out 20 W and didn't seem to be able to key the amp.  Rats.

Conditions/propagation:  Started out S&P.  I guess many others did, too,
'cuz I doubled my rate by calling CQ on 15m.  Not used to being able to
do that barefoot on a 40m dipole.  Heard HH2PK on 10m, but the '180 TX
doesn't work on that band.  73, and *maybe* CU on phone.  --John/K2MM

     b    q    m
    20   28   19
    15   48   23
    10    2    1
        ---  ---
         78 * 43 = 3354 (2 hrs)

>From wa6bxh at thetech.com (Sandy Lynch)  Wed Aug 11 01:03:50 1993
From: wa6bxh at thetech.com (Sandy Lynch) (Sandy Lynch)
Date: Tue, 10 Aug 93 17:03:50 PDT
Subject: Marathon S/W for Mac
Message-ID: <4oc48B1w165w at thetech.com>

I've been using the Marathon contest logging software for the Macintosh.
Please - no anti-Mac jokes, eh? 8-)
Anyway, I'm curious to know if anyone else is using this excellent piece 
of software by Kevin/N0IOS?  Also, any thoughts on modifying the prefix 
and/or country lists?  I think Kevin is open to adding other contests to 
the existing ones.  I was happy to have him get the All Asian Contest
ready for last year's contest.
73 de Sandy - WA6BXH/7J1ABV
Internet: wa6bxh at thetech.com

wa6bxh at thetech.com
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