Emoto rotator info wanted

wmhein at aol.com wmhein at aol.com
Tue Aug 10 14:53:30 EDT 1993

> Anybody have any experience with the larger EMOTO rotators ??

> I would like to hear from users of the 1200/1300/1800 series
> rotators.  

> Do they last ??
> What do you turn, and how high ??

> Tnx  73

> Keith WB9TIY
> 73307.3205 @ Compuserve.Com

I have a full-size DX Engineering 4-element 40m Yagi (weighs about 350
pounds) at 200' rotated by an Emoto 1200 and a KLM 3-element 'shorty' 80m
Yagi at 90' rotated by an Emoto 1800.  (The KLM will be modified and raised
to 200' in 1994.)

Both antennas have been up two years with no rotator trouble despite ice
storms, high winds (I live in the Rocky Mountains).  Only quibble: both
rotators use 100v in place of the lower voltages used by most other brands.

I highly recommend the Emoto rotators.  I have also heard that the Create
rotators are top performers.

Bill, AA6TT

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