Telephone RFI help

Charlie Ocker Ocker at
Wed Aug 18 13:07:58 EDT 1993

I need some help in solving a telephone RFI problem.  I thought this
would be a good place to ask, as hopefully most of you have solved these
problems before.

My station has an ICE low pass filter, generic ac line filter, and a
short ground bus connected to an outdoor ground rod.  I have ICE filters
installed at each phone outlet.  I do not have rfi when listening to the
dial tone.  When I am connected to another phone, I have rfi.  Not much,
but noticeable.  I do not know if the person I am connected to can hear
the rfi or not.

Any suggestions?  You can e-mail direct to reduce clutter on the
reflector.  Many thanks in advance.

Charlie  KD5PJ		ocker at

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