Telephone RFI Help

Ed Hare - KA1CV ehare at
Wed Aug 18 14:44:03 EDT 1993

The ARRL has several information files to help members deal with
all types of interference problems.

Send the following as email to info at

send emi-gen
send emi-source
send emi-telephone

This will get you the help, index and several interference packages
from the ARRL Automated Electronic Mail Server.

Paper copies of these files are also available from the ARRL Tech Dept
Secretary, 225 Main St, Newington CT 06111 for a 9X12 SASE with 98
cents postage. Ask for the "EMI/RFI Package" and the "EMI/RFI Telephone 

Feel free to contact me directly at the ARRL about interference 

73 from ARRL HQ, Ed

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