5U7M/JH4NMT hospitalized

Takao Kumagai je1cka at asuka.aerospace-lab.go.jp
Mon Aug 23 18:19:16 EDT 1993

Yoshi, jh4nmt/5u7m was returned Tokyo Airport at July 30 as planned. He said
he had caught a cold since Paris. He looked too bad!
We had a wellcome party for him at Aug. 1 in Tokyo and he seemed to be better
than Saturday.

I got a phone call from Saty, JE1JKL that he got a *MALARIA* and been 
hospitalized, need 2weeks to leave the hospital. He often accessed to our
CBBS. Then he left the hospital at Aug 18 and we expected to have him together
with K5ZD and K3EST for our contesters meeting at Tokyo Ham Fair.

I got a ph call again from Saty that he again hospitalized because of the
Ameba-Dysentery (correct?). He reported in the CBBS that he was fine (no
identical illness) but he has to stay the hospital at least 2weeks.

He will be out of hospital at Sept 3 if everything goes well.


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