To PAS16 users for PED

Takao Kumagai je1cka at
Mon Aug 23 18:30:26 EDT 1993

I had a meeting with Mas, JE3MAS at Tokyo Ham Fair. I forwarded all the
mails for the Bug reports, Thanks or requests of PED to him everytime.
So he did understand the requests from PAS16 users.

Fortunately, a friend of mine has PAS16 and I asked him to lend it to Mas
to fix the problem. So a few weeks later PED will support the PAS16 and
you will be able to enjoy the 18 pile ups with PAS16.

Does any PAS16 users help to have the technical informations about the 
sound chip on the board if je3mas needs them?

He said, if he get the device driver and exact technical informations
(at least) of the sound board, he will try to work for the sound board.

Tack, je1cka

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