more NAQP scores, "Those VE4's"

uumars at CC.UManitoba.CA uumars at CC.UManitoba.CA
Mon Aug 23 19:31:08 EDT 1993

Hi fellow hard-cores.  Rob and I sacrificed maybe the only nice 
Saturday afternoon of the season, all to bring the rare VE4 multiplier
to the thousands of deserving hangers-in.

I can report the following scores:

VE4GV  988q X 119m = 117572

VE4VV  867q X 125m = 108375

Neither one of use worked anything on ten or 160, except each other.
Between us we heard only one out-of-town station on 15 all day.
This is the reward for living in a northerly section.  This, too,
may well be you next year.  Both 15 and ten useless.

CU in Sprints.  73  -  Derrick  VE4VV

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