NAQP SSB scores

george554 at george554 at
Mon Aug 23 23:56:37 EDT 1993

8-24 04z
KI3V   920 174 160,080
VE4GV  988 119 117,572
NC6U   875 1ATHENE666xaBAFAUSTINqXgateway at EAAARELAYa y,RJ0y,ML	p-	=wTo: 70272.345 at CompuServe.COM
References: <930823210202_70272.345_CHV57-1 at CompuServe.COM>
Re: The Aftermath

Of course I still want to be your friend!  I am not quite sure HOW I slamemd
you and why you feel so bad.. but Im sorry if you think that I wasn't honest
with you.  I have told you all that I know about how I was feeling, and I
don't think that I acted discordinat

Date: Mon, 23 Aug 1993 22:41:0

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