CK-2 help

Bruce L. Draper at
Tue Aug 24 15:59:48 EDT 1993

I have a little begging to do, but first a (funny?) story.  
Last night I was trying to convince my 12-year-old 
daughter that the Novice exam would not be all that hard 
for her.  After she correctly answered the first several 
common sense questions from the exam pool, I read her the 
one that asks "When may you deliberately interfere with 
another station's communications?"  Before I could read 
her the four choices, she blurted out "Whenever there's a 
contest!"  What a perceptive kid.  

Now for the begging (yes, this is slightly commercial, but 
Trey gave it his OK). . . 

Among some of the radio equipment recently stolen from 
my house was an AEA CK-2 keyer (the CONTESTER).  For 
whatever reason, I was particularly fond of it.  It fit my 
hand, my style, whatever.  Unfortunately, AEA stopped 
making this model many moons ago and used ones are 
extremely rare at hamfests out here in the wastelands.  Do 
any of you have one that you might be willing to part with?  
Reply directly to me, please (and I'll also be willing to 
listen to any of you who would like to list the merits of 
your favorite modern keyers).

Thanks for your help.

               Bruce    AA5B

               draperbl at

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