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John_Allen at John_Allen at
Tue Aug 24 17:53:34 EDT 1993

10 Ghz Cumulative Contest score (after one of two weekends)
Station: K1FWF
Band: 10 Ghz.
Power: somewhere in the 1 to 3 milliwatt range.  (Radar detector L.O.)
Antenna: Horn about 3 by 4 inches aperture, N1BWT Lens used 
Score: 1192 distance points (kilometers total) + 1300 QSO Points (100 
per Call worked for the first time, 0 thereafter)
Total: 2,492
Lots of fun, good weather.  Operated from Mt. Mansfield in northern 
Vt on saturday, went roving through north and central Vt on sunday.
Best DX was Mt. Ascutney to Burke Mt (K1LPS) - 133 Km (83 Miles).

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